I met Tine & Peter back in 2010 and was immediately impressed with how completely dedicated to Akita breed they were.
Due to the fact that the UK circuit had become determined on self-destruction, I had already adopted a more observatory position within the breed but on hearing that Tine & Peter had decided to progress their involvement and play a more active role by putting the breed first as opposed simply being in it for personal gain.
Because of this it made perfect sense for Tine & Peter to be able to accomplish their future great achievements with the international name of Beaufleet.

I sincerely wish Tine & Peter my very best wishes and all the success in the world and hope that they continue to remember that I am only a telephone call away.

All my love,
Tony Beaumont

We, Tine & Peter, live in the small but beautiful village of Wellen in the province of Limburg.  We are fully commited to the American Akita breed.  Our dogs are in the first place a part of our family and at the second place show dogs.  In this breed there is no room for "guessing", so all our Akitas have a healthy mind in a healthy body.
In 2008, our first boys Koda & Lewis arrived and immediately we were in love with this character dogs.  In 2010 we visited fellow breeders in Belarus where we also met Tony Beaumont, founder of the Beaufleet Kennel.  An English "sir" who obtained his stripes in breeding American Akitas already many years.  An extraordinary meeting, it looked like we knew each other for our whole life, there grew a strong bond and deep friendship since then. 
Along with Tony, I went looking for new additions to the kennel.  We travelled to the States where we picked up Bobalu & Ziva and to Sweden, the homeland of our smallest gain, Kizzy.  Each fine, fantastic travels !

Peter and I will be eternally grateful to Tony for his kennel name, know-how and assistance anytime, anywhere in the world!  Thank you, Tony Beaumont !

Tine & Peter